December 24, 2016


Hello Everyone,  I love "color block" clothing.  I try to make my garments colorful.  I LOVE colors, every room in my house is a different color.  When I saw this Vogue 1329 pattern, I fell in love with it.  I'm late making it, a lot of sewers made it about 3 years ago.  It was always my plan to make it, because I sew for other people, I had to push it aside.  Every time I thought I had time to make it something happened and I couldn't make it.  When I finally found the time, I hurried up and got to sewing.

Because I have some junk in my trunk, I have to add 2 inches at the lengthen/shorten line to my dresses and skirts so the back is not high and the front hangs low.

Adding two inches to the front and back (what you do to one pattern piece you have to do the same to the other pattern piece)

You have to even the side seams on the the pattern pieces.

I bought care labels to put inside my clothes, just like ready-to-wear (store bought) clothing.

I also put my label and size tag in my clothing.

The pattern shows two colors, I wanted to make my dress with three different colors, instead of having the same color on the side and across the top, I decided to make the top one color, the side another color and the front and back the same color.

I really enjoyed making this dress.  I love the fit as well.  This is the FIRST pattern where I was able to cut one size (size 18) for the ENTIRE dress.  Normally, I have to cut one size for my shoulder, another size for the bust and another size for the remainder of the dress.

When I wore it to work, it's was the first day of our week long Executive Board Meeting.  As soon as my boss saw me in this dress, he said "you look nice today".  I thanked him and told him I made it, my coworkers know I make my own clothes.

There are more of the dress coming with different kinds of color blocking, so be on the look out for them. 

Construction of dress:
  • Pattern:  Vogue 1329
  • Alterations to Pattern:  added 2 inches to the front and back pattern pieces at the lengthen/shorten line
  • Fabric used:  Ponte Double Knit
  • Lining: Tricot
  • Notions:  22 inch invisible zipper

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