May 25, 2015


Good Evening Fellow Sewers, here is a picture of Prom Dress #2.  I received a call from this young lady's mother who told me that I made one of her daughter's prom dress two years ago and she still had my phone number stored in her phone.  She told me she wanted me to make another one of her daughter's prom dresses.  As I stated before all of my prom girls come to me with a sketch or a picture.  This young lady had a picture she wanted me to duplicate.

Here's the picture of the dress she wanted duplicated.

This dress was perfect for using Vogue Pattern 2931.  I've made this dress about three times and it never failed me.

This is the FINAL version of the prom dress.  She looked absolutely beautiful.  For the layer look, I measured the width of the train in the front from the indentation to the bottom and it measured at 26 inches.  I divided that in half which came to 13 inches, I added 5/8 inch for the seam allowance at the top.  I serged the top layer all the way around, I measured from the top bottom of the bodice to the indentation and that's where I pinned all around the dress for the placement of the top layer.


Proud Mother and prom girl.

Proud Father and daughter. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to help her get ready for her prom.  When I received a telephone call the next day from a very excited father, I was very pleased.  He said "Ms. Bolling, my daughter was beautiful.  He kept sighing in the phone.  He said you did a fantastic job.  I have one more daughter that will be graduating in two years and you will be making her prom dress too."  It's nothing like a happy, repeat client.


Good Evening Sewers, it's been a long time since I've blogged but not a long time from sewing.  I've had knee surgery and now I found out that I have a pinched nerve in my neck which is causing pain in my right arm and right hand.  Of course I'm right handed, it's very painful at times.  The doctors told me to take some time off from sewing, but I couldn't do that since I've already taken the deposits for two prom dresses.  I worked through the pain and it was very challenging at times, but I GOT IT DONE!!!!

This young lady was referred to me by a fellow sewer.  I like and appreciate referrals.  When this young came to me to make her prom dress, she had a sketch like ALL of my prom girls.  I'm very particular about what kind of prom dresses I make.  I DO NOT like to make prom dresses that reveal a lot of skin because that's my name that's attached to the dress.  So when this young lady showed me her sketch, I tried to find a diplomatic way to tell her I thought the dress was revealing and showing too much.  She wanted a deep V-shape in the front and cut-outs on the side and the back.  During the muslin fitting, I was able to talk her out of the deep V-shape in the front by telling her I thought the dress was classy WITHOUT the deep V-shape in the front of the dress.  Her mother agreed.

Here is her sketch:


I used Butterick Pattern 5182 View A (the one in the middle)

This is the final version from her sketch and View A


If you're wondering how made the dress from the pattern I used, I omitted the shear part of the dress. I first did a muslin, we made the adjustments on the muslin by taking in the side seams to give her the fit she wanted and I drew the cut-outs on the muslin. Instead of having a bodice and a bottom, I marked on the muslin to keep it as  one piece.  Her mother bought a string of crystals to outline the cutouts.