October 2, 2015


I posted about being given the opportunity to teach sewing at  The Living Water School & Homeschool (http://thelivingwaterschool.blogspot.com).  On Thursday, October 1st, I was asked to come to the school to introduce myself to the children and a Special Assembly would be held so I could meet the children.  The Founder Anika T. Prather, gathered the children in their normal meeting space to introduce me.

I told them I would be their new sewing teacher, they were delighted, the looks on their faces were priceless.  I will be teaching there twice a week.  On Wednesday and Friday mornings for two hours each day.  I told them how I started sewing, Mrs. Prather told the boys they can sew also.  I told them they can learn how to sew and they can take it as far as they want to take it.  I told them the story of how I started sewing, my mother was a single mom, I am the oldest of five siblings.  I told them how when it was time for us to get new clothes, my brothers and sisters got new clothes, but I had to wear my two aunts' clothes because we were close in age.  When it was time for me to take Home Economics in High School, I didn't want to learn how to cook, I wanted to learn how to sew so I didn't have to continue to wear my aunts clothes.  I never stopped sewing.

I asked how many of them wanted to learn how to sew, just about ALL of the children raised their hands, even some of the staff members.

I had my iPad with me to show them some of the garments I've made so they would have something to strive for in their journey to learn how to sew.  I also had pictures of some of my male students to let the boys know it's OK for boys & men to sew.  I asked them what kinds of things they would like to make?  One of the staff members wrote those items down for me.   They also asked me some questions.

At the end of the Assembly, I took a picture with the children.

There I am in the second row in the middle, lol!

I was shown the classroom where I will be teaching.  The classroom reminded me of when I was in school.  Mrs. Prather left me alone in the room to look around.  I stood in that classroom and I "prayed".  I thanked GOD for given me this opportunity to start living my passion, doing what I LOVE to do.


There were Classroom Guidelines on a Bulletin Board 

I really like this phrase: