October 10, 2016


A few years ago I was reading about Healthy Eating in a magazine, there was an article about eating different foods for breakfast. One recipe that caught my attention was brown rice, with apple sauce and raisins or craisins. I tried it and I like it. I've also used "unsweetened apple sauce" and it still had a nice flavor because of the craisins.  I've used raisins instead of craisins too.  If I run out of oatmeal, I'll eat this. You eat it warm like oatmeal. I try to keep all of these ingredients on hand, it's quick and easy.

October 7, 2016


Every year I look forward to planting my garden and I try to plant at least one vegetable that I didn't plant the year before.  This year, the new veggie was a "sweet purple pepper", that's right a "purple pepper".  I did not go looking for it, it found me. As I was pursuing the nursery, I came across this lone purple pepper plant, so I decided to give it a home. 

I love eating fresh veggies and herbs especially when they come from my garden. It's nice to walk out onto my deck and pick something from my garden, take it back into the house and cook it. 

I'm going to do some research to see what I can plant during the fall/winter months.

When the purple pepper finally harvested and I could cut it off the plant, I couldn't wait to taste it.  

To my surprise it was "green" on the inside and I noticed the outside was beginning to turn green as well.  The sweet purple pepper taste like a green pepper with a little tartness to it.  It was nice and firm, I love firm peppers.

I love my harvest.

October 6, 2016


For those of you that are struggling with removing the label from your African fabric, wet a paper towel, or wash cloth or hand towel, put it over the label.

Use a steam iron

The label will peel right off. 

If you still have residue left, use a wash cloth or hand towel, NOT a paper towel because the paper towel will stick to the residue, then you will have a harder time getting all of the paper off, repeat the process. 

 I used the end of my seam gauge to remove the residue.


For a long time I didn't jump on the pencil skirt wagon, I always thought they were meant for smaller/slimmer bodies because of the close fit.

I decided to give the pencil a try when I started seeing the skirts being worn by larger size women and they looked beautiful.   Since I make my own clothes, if I made it and I didn't like it, I could easily move on to another style skirt.  Well, to my surprise the first 2 pencil skirts I made I feel in love with them.  One fit a little more snug than what I preferred, I was told that's how they are supposed to fit, LOL!!!  

No pattern was used for this skirt, I traced a RTW pencil skirt that was in my closet.

Scuba knit that was in my stash.

This is my third one, my first pencil skirt was made by tracing a Ready-to-wear (RTW) pencil skirt that was in closet, now I trace one of the skirts I've already made.  I think I will make one more and that will be it for me.  I don't like to see the same garment in different colors or fabrics in my closet, I like variety.