October 7, 2016


Every year I look forward to planting my garden and I try to plant at least one vegetable that I didn't plant the year before.  This year, the new veggie was a "sweet purple pepper", that's right a "purple pepper".  I did not go looking for it, it found me. As I was pursuing the nursery, I came across this lone purple pepper plant, so I decided to give it a home. 

I love eating fresh veggies and herbs especially when they come from my garden. It's nice to walk out onto my deck and pick something from my garden, take it back into the house and cook it. 

I'm going to do some research to see what I can plant during the fall/winter months.

When the purple pepper finally harvested and I could cut it off the plant, I couldn't wait to taste it.  

To my surprise it was "green" on the inside and I noticed the outside was beginning to turn green as well.  The sweet purple pepper taste like a green pepper with a little tartness to it.  It was nice and firm, I love firm peppers.

I love my harvest.

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