September 17, 2016


Today I tried something new, (well, it's new for ME), I wore a peplum top I made with my leggins.  I know you all are wondering why is this new, it's new to ME because I ALWAYS wear a long tunic top with my leggins. I never felt comfortable wearing a shorter top.  I think the shorter tops with leggins look nice on other women but I would never wear them.

Some of my friends have told me I should stop wearing long tunic tops with my leggins because I'm short, they said the long tunic tops make me look stumpy and I'm also hiding my body.  

I had a sewing club meeting today so I decided to wear the peplum top with my leggins.  Boy-oh-boy was this a challenge for me.  As the day went on I started feeling a little more comfortable wearing the a shorter top.

The peplum top is Vogue 8815; I added 1 inch to the bodice of the pattern because it was short and I didn't want it to keep rising on my stomach.

The leggins were made from copying a pair of my workout leggins. I have made 3 pairs of leggins thus far.