October 6, 2016


For a long time I didn't jump on the pencil skirt wagon, I always thought they were meant for smaller/slimmer bodies because of the close fit.

I decided to give the pencil a try when I started seeing the skirts being worn by larger size women and they looked beautiful.   Since I make my own clothes, if I made it and I didn't like it, I could easily move on to another style skirt.  Well, to my surprise the first 2 pencil skirts I made I feel in love with them.  One fit a little more snug than what I preferred, I was told that's how they are supposed to fit, LOL!!!  

No pattern was used for this skirt, I traced a RTW pencil skirt that was in my closet.

Scuba knit that was in my stash.

This is my third one, my first pencil skirt was made by tracing a Ready-to-wear (RTW) pencil skirt that was in closet, now I trace one of the skirts I've already made.  I think I will make one more and that will be it for me.  I don't like to see the same garment in different colors or fabrics in my closet, I like variety.

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