December 25, 2016


Hello Everyone,

As some of you know, I'm a sewing instructor as well as a seamstress.  I teach sewing at various Community Centers in Prince George's County Maryland and I'm also an Adjunct Professor at the College of Southern Maryland located in LaPlata, Maryland.

Normally, I give my students a supply list and they go purchase what's on the list by themselves, BUT they come back with a lot of complaints from not being able to find the right fabric, they don't get help from the store employees, they don't understand how to read the pattern to purchase the right size pattern or the correct amount of fabric....and the list goes on.

I decided to try a different method.  At the beginning of the class, I spent half the class time discussing the project, taking body measurements for their garments and I spent the other half of the class time going to the fabric store with the students to help explain everything to them.  They really appreciated having me there to answer ALL of their questions.  This method was a BIG HIT!!! Moving forward I will make this my standard method for the first day of my NEW classes.

The students are looking through the pattern books to select a pattern. The class project was a blouse.

These two young ladies are picking out their notions for their blouse.

I'm letting this student read and understand the pattern herself first before I step in to help her.  She is really concentrating.

She figured out how much fabric she needed, now she's at the cutting table.

She's getting more fabric cut.

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