March 17, 2014


A few days ago I posted about my sewing students completing their projects and how much one student had accomplished and at the end of that post I wrote "I LOVE THE TALENT GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH AND I LOVE PASSING IT ON."

When I attended Church on Sunday, March 16th, the topic was "Life Is A Gift, Your Life Is An Investment". Our Pastor talked about how we all have GOD given gifts and what have we done to make it better? He said our ""gift" is an investment. GOD has gifted you to make money, that's your blessing to the body of Christ. Whatever your gift is, GOD is expecting you to come back with more. You should invest in what you've been given." I said "WOW!!! I just posted yesterday how GOD gave me a talent and I was passing it on."

If you have a talent, please grow in your talent and pass it on to others. It's a wonderful feeling to see someone else grow in a talent where you have planted a seed for them.
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