December 4, 2015


About two months ago, I answered an ad for a full time seamstress.  An interview was scheduled, I was not told to bring anything, because I consider myself a professional I showed up with garments I've made and also with my iPad that had pictures I had taken of garments I made that were not on my website or blog yet.  I had an interview with two wonderful women, TAMARA SALTONSTALL and REBECCA DANENBERG.  They both were very impressed with the quality of my garments, especially the finishing which is just as important to the construction of a garment.

TAMARA SALTONSTALL is the owner and designer of the fashion line SALT.  Tamara created the brand TSALT.  Tamara loves vintage clothing but with a modern approach.

During our conversation, I found out that REBECCA DANENBERG is a New York designer, WOW!!!! She's a New York native, Rebecca has been dubbed as the original New York City's downtown designer.  Rebecca made a name for herself in the 90's with an edgy namesake sportswear label.  Rebecca Danenberg's designs are not for mainstream fashion, but for those who wants individuality in what they wear.  

I have made several garments for TSALT, both Tamara and Rebecca are pleased with my work.  

Here are pictures of the four most recent garments I've made for TSALT.



High waist elastic skirt

These are the first garments I've made for TSALT, two mock wrap desses.

I look forward to growing this relationship with Tamara and Rebecca.

When I stepped out on Faith in June to do my sewing business full time, I had no idea I would be working with designers.  I thank GOD everyday for this talent HE has blessed me with.

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