December 10, 2015


I LOVE Sheath Dresses.....when I bought this pattern #M6886, I didn't make it right away.  I kept seeing a lot of my fellow sewist such as Erica Bunker post pictures of this dress, still I didn't make it.  It wasn't until one of my students made this dress for her second project and I found out how EASY it was.  I couldn't believe I had the pattern for about a year and I DID NOT make it, I was sleeping on this pattern.  Once I found out how easy it was, I made two in one day, one with sleeves and one sleeveless, and there are two more to come.

I did make some adjustments to the pattern:

  • I cut a size 14 across the shoulder because I have short shoulders
  • I cut a size 16 around the circumference of the arm
  • I cut a size 18 in the waist and tapered it at the bottom for a more fitted look 
  • I cut the pattern at the lengthen or shorten line to add 1.5 inches to the back because I have some junk in my trunk, LOL!!!!, if I don't make the adjustment in the back, it will be high in the back.
  • I cut the pattern at the lengthen or shorten line to add 1.5 inches to the front as well to make it even 

    Here are pictures of the adjustments:

Cutting at the Lengthen or Shorten Line

Adding 1.5 inches to accommodate for my "junk in the trunk", LOL!!! I drew dashes across the paper.

I taped the bottom half of the pattern to the paper at the dashed lines.

I laid the cutting line of the pattern on one of the grid lines on my cutting mat to make sure when I draw the line to connect the added space it will be straight.

All of the adjustments are made.

The dress in leopard print knit.

Necklace and earring set by Patrice Perfect Pieces

Bracelet by Patrice Perfect Pieces; silver ring by Silpada

The dress in black knit.

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