December 9, 2015


Today was my first day teaching an "All Boys" sewing class.  They were very excited about taking the sewing class.

Their first project is a sweat shirt, #Simplicity 1605.

I explained the basic sewing tools they needed for Beginning Sewing, I explained the outside of the pattern, the instruction sheet and the pattern pieces to them.  I took their measurements to make sure they cut the correct size.  They were amazed about the pattern pieces that were inside the envelope.

One of the boys did not have his materials because his mother forgot to purchase it, so one of his classmates told him since his size was smaller, he could use his pattern so he would be ready for class next week.  That really touched my heart.

There was a discussion about what they should name their group, they decided on "Sew Bros", LOL!!! how cute!!!  

Today, they cut a pattern for the very first time.

I taught them how to iron their pattern pieces.  One young  man cut one piece one size too small so we had fix that, I had him iron all of the pieces before taping them back together.

Ironing their pattern pieces.

The last thing they did today was pin "some" of their pattern pieces to their fabric.  The student that didn't have his fabric asked me if he could practice pinning with one of his fellow classmates.  His classmate said "yes" and showed him how to pin the pattern to the fabric.  This just warmed my heart.

They thanked me for teaching the class today.

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