January 13, 2015


I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since May 29, 2014.  There have been some things that have happened in my life since May that kept me preoccupied and away from blogging, things that needed my immediate attention and things I did not want to blog about.  Blogging takes a lot of time and commitment, now it’s time for me to make the time and commit to blogging to share my passion which is sewing, teaching and cooking.  Yes, I love to cook so I will be posting some of the meals I cook on Sundays.  During my absence from blogging I have made several things for clients that I will post in the near future. I may not be able to blog daily but I’m going to make a conscious effort to blog at least one a week (for now).  As time goes on, I will blog more.  Viewing other blogs gave me the kick-start to get back to blogging. I’ve taken photos of several things I want to blog about and I have the stories to go with those photos but I did not take the time to sit down and actually put pen to paper or in this world of technology, put my fingers on the keyboard of my laptop to blog.  
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