May 10, 2014

Prom Dress #1 - A Beautiful and Happy Client

This client was referred to me by a friend.  When I met with this client she knew exactly what she wanted.  The dress she picked out, I had made it twice before.  Although I made it twice before, each time the dress looked different because each client changed something on the dress.  Below is a picture of the pattern I used

She purchased a blue crepe back satin fabric and a light blue lining.

I cut out her pattern pieces according to her body measurements, I had to make adjustments to her pattern pieces by using tissue paper.

 Once the adjustments were made to the pattern pieces, I cut out the pattern pieces onto a flat sheet that I use to make the test garment (muslin).

After the sheet pattern pieces were cut, I made her muslin (test garment)

She came over and tried on her test garment.

An adjustment had to be made in the back.  The writing on the test garment is the same information that's on the paper pattern pieces.  I transfer everything so I will know what the pieces are.

After the adjustments were made, the prom dress was made.  She came over for a fitting for her prom dress.  The proper bra nor the proper undergarments were not worn at this time.

After the proper bra and undergarments were purchased and the dress was hemmed, this is the happy prom girl.  She looked absolutely beautiful.

Happy Client

Prom - May 9, 2014

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