December 20, 2017


NOTE:  Last Post for 2017

I'm soo excited. I've been sewing for over 30 years and I've never owned an Industrial sewing machine.  Throughout the years I have purchased some very good sewing machines and they have served me well. As I grew in my sewing and I started doing a lot of custom sewing, I would say "I'm going to invest in an industrial sewing machine".  I have a few friends that own industrial sewing machines and they ALWAYS talk about how fast their machines are.  They told me when I get one, I'm going to love it.

I started doing research on different kinds of industrial sewing machines.  When I would visit one of my girlfriends that live in Baltimore, MD, I would always pass a store that sold industrial sewing machines.  The store was at a busy intersection, when I would get stopped by a red traffic light, I would look over at the store, it was not a fancy store, it looked as if it has been at that location for a very long time.  I mentioned the store to my girlfriend, of course she knew what store I was talking about, the name of the store is Stadham Corp of Maryland.  I called to discuss my interest in purchasing an industrial sewing machine and to check the prices, the prices with delivery were very good.  The man that answered the phone told me when I come to look at the sewing machine, if I decide to purchase one they will teach me how to use that particular sewing machine.  He told me I could make payments on the machine, once it's paid in full it will delivered and they will make sure I know how to use it before they leave my house.  I was getting very excited about possibly purchasing an industrial sewing machine.

Fast forward to the first week in July, I received an email from one of my sewing girlfriends asking me did I want her industrial sewing machine because she was getting a new one.  I had to read the email twice to make sure I was reading the email correctly.  Instead of responding to the email, I called her and asked her how much did she want for the sewing machine.  She said "I asked you did you want the sewing machine? LOL!!!  I'm GIVING you the sewing machine."  I was super excited, of course I told her "yes".  She told me I had to find someone to come pick it up from her house.  Well, that was a challenge for me, I could not find someone to pick it up, so I came to the realization that I would not be able to get the sewing machine and she would have to give it to someone else.  I called her to let her know I couldn't find someone to pickup the sewing machine.  To my surprise, she called me on July 4th to let me know that her and her husband would bring the sewing machine to me on their way to pick up her new machine.  I was elated, I kept looking out the window like a child waiting on Santa to come.  LOL!!!  They finally arrived and delivered my Gifted Industrial Sewing Machine.

It's a Consew industrial sewing machine, she had it for 15 years before passing it on to me.  The leg lift to raise the pressure foot doesn't work so I have to use my hand to raise it which is no problem.  She prethreaded the machine for me.  I downloaded the manual from the internet, the manual says it stitches 3,500 stitches a minute, now that's FAST!!!!  I tested it once, I don't use it as much right now because it's sitting in my family room because I don't have room for it in my sewing room right now.  Once I move it to my sewing room, I will definitely use it more.
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