June 19, 2015


I love being creative, I was asked by a Minister to make her a Robe to preach in.  We met one day when we both were at a physical therapy center.  I taught my physical therapist how to sew and he mentioned to her that I was his sewing instructor.  After he introduced us, she proceeded to tell me how she had a jacket and skirt made to preach in but when she went to pick it up it was three times too big for her.  I made an appointment for her to be measured and to discuss what kind of robe she wanted.  She told me wanted a Chinese collar, double breasted and she "thought" she wanted a zipper in the back.  Once my creative mind started working, I made a few changes and she liked the changes.  I could not find a pattern robe so I had to think outside of the box.  I decided to look under costumes, and BAM!!!! there it was, the EXACT ROBE she wanted, Simplicity 2333

Men's Costumes

Robe in progress: she wanted a Chinese collar with purple and gold fabric for the collar and around the bottom of the sleeves

She wanted the buttons at a slant

Back  and side views

Here she is in her robe on the Pulpit.

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